Lonie Lozano

Architecture & Interior Design


Scott Lonie: Managing Partner

Scott has been in the creative industry all his working life and has seen it from all sides of the fence.

He started in a construction company back in the early 90's, as an Interior Designer, and learnt his craft on site, first hand. Since those early days, he has become a very accomplished designer of all things relating to the construction industry. Working on projects in nearly every sector and almost every value.

As an Architectural Technologist, he has been responsible for stunning buildings and has won awards for his efforts....

Aimie Rimmington: Senior Partner

Aimie is a true Technologist, a problem solver with her eyes firmly set on details.


Aimie has worked on a range of projects such as housing and retail sectors and conservation and heritage projects and because of this exposure, has gained invaluable experience and knowledge both as a technologist and a project manager.


Aimie is determined and conscientious and is best at dealing with the more challenging and problematic projects..

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Geoff Bogacki: Creative and strategic designer

Geoff has over 20 years experience as an interior architect; a creative and strategic designer - with a diverse portfolio, working with businesses of all scales.

His career started as a freelancer in 1991 in London designing museums and high end restaurant interiors. Ambition and the desire to travel took him to America were he worked globally on large format themed leisure environments.

He is first and foremost a creative problem solver, but from the start of a project he will factor in commercial considerations be they in budget or production route. He also look at a clients business from the outside, considering in the design proposals where he can see opportunity to make savings or increase revenue on their behalf.