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Lonie Lozano

Architecture & Interior Design


Scott Lonie: Managing Partner

Scott has been in the creative industry all his working life and has seen it from all sides of the fence.

He started in a construction company back in the early 90's, as an Interior Designer, and learnt his craft on site, first hand. Since those early days, he has become a very accomplished designer of all things relating to the construction industry. Working on projects in nearly every sector and almost every value.

As an Architectural Technologist, he has been responsible for stunning buildings and has won awards for his efforts....


Simon Kershaw: Architect


Simon’s experience in the construction industry spans nearly 30 years.


He has a fascination for complex structures which was born out of an early obsession for classical architecture. Originally trained as a stone mason, Simon’s passion for architectural design ultimately led him to study architecture; after which Simon went onto to study landscape architecture which would allow him to develop a more holistic approach to design.


Simon has worked on numerous schemes across Europe; ranging from large scale industrial infrastructure to small bespoke residential projects.  

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